Posted by: Brendan | December 26, 2007

Power to the People!

We’ve been tinkering around at with some short surveys. As some of you might know, poll & survey research was once the emphasis of my academics (geeky, yes) and I still have fun with them. Anywho, here’s what I’ve come up with. If you’ve got a few moments to spare, click the link below and answer ten questions for us.

This survey is fairly general. We might use them in the future to test out some graphics, names, and what not. There are no party affiliations to claim, no hanging chads, and no recounts. 😉 And best of all, it’s really helpful to us!

Without further adieu, take a moment to fill out our survey!



  1. There have been some good (and some funny!) comments coming in.

    Be critical!

  2. Are you going to share the funny ones? Last two days I have spent about 8 hours in the saddle! Rest day tomorrow and ready to go on Saturday! I hope!

  3. We need a few more for the funniness to be statistically significant. 😉

    Most have been helpful though. Lots of fun, too. I’ll put something together to share soon…

  4. I finally got the survey done. I made 3 attempts before getting control of my ADD and following through to the finish. And the survey wasn’t even very long…

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