Posted by: Brendan | December 14, 2007

Building Binge

Starting tomorrow, I’m on a 3 week binge. I’ve been looking forward to this time for a while now, with lots of time set aside and, finally, a fully functional shop. Well, first up we need to put some insulation up… and a heater… then a couple 2000lb pieces of machinery will come in with a Bobcat. We’re under 14″ of snow right now, though it’s melting a bit in the middle of the day. Can’t wait to cozy up the shop & get to work!

Once all that’s out of the way, the list starts with a superlight 26″ frame (Hydra) for Lynda, a road bike (we need a name!) for Brian, and a handful of Fifty-Five singlespeeds for various customers. Of course I’ll sneak in a ride here & there… strictly for testing purposes of course.

Other developments: We also have a redesign in the works for the Song’s flex plate, which will have a bit more tire clearance & look prettier. This is a pic of current plate, for reference.

The most exciting development will be the destructive test equipment Phil & I have been working on, which is basically a high-tech torture table. Something anyone who’s ever been a kid can appreciate. 😉 More on this later…




  1. Sounds like things are falling into place. I need to swing by the shop and take a tour sometime over break. Good to hear you’ll get a chance to do some building.

  2. Great to hear about your shop coming together and the blog is great! Good to see this happening.

    I’ll be checking in.

  3. Welcome to the blogworld B-man!

  4. Thanks guys, this blog thing is fun so far. I find myself thinking about it during the day, coming up ideas for future posts & a little research. Hopefully we can make it into a venue where people can give feedback & have their voices heard.

    …until then I’ll enjoy being drunk with virtual fame. 😉

  5. Sounds like you will be busy busy for the next few weeks! Don’t forget a…uhh..proto..uhh Song for Lucas…uhh.yeah…! Good job on the shop. We can’t wait to see the Madness that comes out of there!

  6. You should find plenty of ideas for names for the roadie located here;

    How about El Trauco?

  7. hmm… sounds like a good 29″er name. 😉

    How about Persephone, queen of the underworld? or Demeter? I like the feminine name for a road bike. Maybe Brian (the buyer of said frame) has some input?

  8. Persephone…that’s hot!

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