Posted by: Brendan | December 13, 2007

Handmade for the Holidays

stumbled on this today:




  1. was that a link from the site. Did you watch the video? cool stuff!

  2. love that you have a new site. looking forward to the hows and whys

  3. Got to confess: I signed the pledge, but probably won’t keep my word. Already planning to buy a couple things that weren’t handmade, but damn close in terms of ethical responsibility. I wont say what though…

    Mary- actually I was doing “research” and just stumbled on it.

    Some ideas for handmade:

    Stranahans Whiskey (
    Knit items- won a handmade scarf at a party tonight & love it!
    A Siren frame (duh!)
    Baked goods


  4. Stranahans Whiskey

    I can help you out there 😀

  5. Did someone say Stranahan’s?

  6. whoa… the word resonates, eh?

    let the record show- these were suggests for OTHER people. Not blatant requests!

  7. When it comes to parting with belongings, my handmade items always stay with me. My “handmade” bike is my favorite!

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